SARAH ROSE Hair and Makeup Specialist Artist


Vision 9 and Joba Events: 2008-Present; Makeup for major international artists at some of the UK’S largest music festivals. such as Leeds, Reading and Love box festivals. 

BBC Murder in Successville, 2017; Hair colourist to Liam Hourican who plays Gordon Ramsey, I was hired to change Liam’s hair from dark to blonde to make him look as much like Gordon Ramsey as possible. I have also been part of the hair and makeup on crowd days. 

Pure House music compilation, commercial, 2016; I was given the brief and designed 3 different natural glam hair and makeup looks for 3 dancers. The shoot time was tight so we all had to pull together as a team to fit it all in. Time management was key to this shoot. 

T.S.S, JK Rowling, 2016; Daily for Three part television drama, creating modern day hair and makeup on party goers. Doing makeup touch ups and checks on set. 

Crooked House, Agatha Christie 2016; Team hairdresser and trainee makeup artist. Colouring hair for Glenn Close and cutting and colouring hair for Stephanie Martini although I must stress I did not style their hair or do their makeup for this production. I cut wigs and created signature looks for Gillian Anderson and Christina Hendricks but again did not not style them or do their makeup for this production. I looked after Terence Stamp and frequently cut his hair and tinted his eyelashes and eyebrows keeping in with continuity. I also looked after Terence on set.  I worked closely with the designer to create Julien Sands 1950s hair style, cutting his hair frequently for continuity, I also maintained Julien’s look on set. I had the pleasure of working with Christian McKay on set and again cutting and styling his hair and applying his makeup keeping in with continuity. I worked with Honour Kneafsy setting, dressing, styling and applying her wig, maintaining her look on set. Jenny Galloway was another character I looked after, setting, styling her hair and maintaining her look throughout and on set. I worked along side talented hairdresser Anna Morena for crowd fittings. Cutting hair and setting hair into 1950 shapes and styles. I worked in the crowd room creating 1950’s hair styles and makeup looks when my characters were not filming. I was also in charge of the float and the budget working closely with the designer ordering goods and products whilst keeping within our budget and keeping record of all purchases.

Diplomatic Rum, 2016; Brand photo shoot, Natural Hair and Makeup for two female models.

Harlots, Hulu, 2016; Trainee for TV production, Working with the main team creating looks for upper and lower class citizens from the era of the 1900’s. I set, dressed and applied wigs for characters in the crowd room and also for my character The Butler. I set and styled hair and applied natural looking makeup to the maids. looking after them and maintaining their look on set. I also helped out the main team with the Quigley girls white powder makeup and elaborate hair styles. With so many featured cast time was tight so I helped out on set by doing makeup continuity and checks on all of the main cast. 

Euro Trash, 2016; Working closely with the main team and the designer, helping to create hair styles for main stream artists and assisting the needs of the team. I also worked in the crowd room helping the team with hair and makeup looks for dancers and extras for the anniversary of the show.

VisMedia, 2016; Creating Natural glam look's and special effects makeup to create greasy characters for Royal Bank of Scotland training video's. 

Bon Marche clothing, Press Event 2016; Working closely with the designer Creating Natural Glam hair and makeup looks for models cat walking for Bon Marche styled by Mark Heyes. 

Bardou, Covent Garden, Hair Makeup salon 2016; Makeup and hair for Chloe Jasmin recreating her signature look for ITV ghost stories 

Bardou, Hair and makeup Salon Covent Garden 2016; Hair and makeup for a promotion day for famous bloggers and you tubers 

The Crown, 2016; Daily makeup and hair artist for Net flick’s Tv series set in the 1950s 

The Berries, 2016; Family comedy pilot for ITV. I was hairdresser and stylist to Ardal O/Hanlon but did not look after him on set. Every morning I would wash and style his hair and cut if necessary keeping in with continuity. I was in charge of the kids team working closely with the designer to create modern hair styles for the children. I also helped out on crowd days creating modern day hair and makeup looks.

Sound of Music Live, ITV, 2015; Working closely with the designer to create hairstyles for the Children of ITV’s Sound Of Music Live Television performance. I was in charge of the kids team and worked closely with the sound and costume departments. Liaising and working as a team to hide the microphones in the children’s hair. The performance was live and filmed in HD so microphones had to be hidden from the camera, this was a great challenge and an invaluable experience. 

American Express, 2015; Brand Hair and makeup photo shoot campaign Creating Natural hair and makeup looks 

Dove Spa, 2015; Working closely with the brand to create a natural hair and makeup look to launch the Dove Spa Range commercial

Jovel, Music Video, 2015: Creative and special effects makeup for music video.  

Mc Goozer, Music Video, 2015; Natural Makeup male grooming for music video  

Hairy Bikers Diet Club; Photo shoot for the winners of the diet club for the Hairy bikers magazine. 

Jovel Music Video, 2015; Special effects and creative makeup for music video. 

Sky Sports/ Sky News; 2015; Work Experience with Sky News and sports departments. Learning all about the company and creating the Sky signature look. I set and styled some of the presenters hair ready for them to go live on air, I throughly enjoyed this experience. I was lucky enough to sit on the Sky Sports and news teams, watching how the adverts cue in, audio cues, sound/ lighting teams work, it was a fabulous experiencelearning exactly how live broadcasting works. I got to see the green scene and it was explained to me how this would work later that evening for sky sport show. I also got to assist in a photo shoot with Carl Pilkington for “The moaning of life” This was great experience and I throughly enjoyed my work experience at Sky. 

Other work experience positions include:

Hair and Makeup team for “BBC Children in Need” 2014, “Sky One’s, Got to Dance’’ 2014, “Michael Flatley, Lord of The Dance, Dangerous Games” 2014,  Nicci Jackson “London Fashion Week” 2014, Deanna V’lcevska  “Canon” 201, Deanna V’lcevska, Nicci Jackson, Julia Townend “Blink Box” 2014, Deanna V’lcevska “Senco Coffee” 2013, Maggie Hunt for "Matalan" 2010,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
I have also taken part in several short films, music videos and test shoots to improve my skills and build up my experience of working within the media industry. 


Redchat AVEDA Salon 2007-2011; Graduate/ trainee hairstylist, blowdrying, colouring and cutting hair, Make up services touching up clients make up after hair appointment. Attending too reception, meeting and greeting clients, making guest’s feel welcome, booking appointments via telephone and front desk, restocking shelfs, stock checks, making tea and coffee for guests. General keeping of the salon ensuring its appearance is clean and tidy, creating sales, working towards targets, advising and helping guests purchase suitable products for personal use and gifts. 

Naturalique Salon 2011-2012; Hairstylist, colouring and cutting hair, makeup services for every day makeup, special occasion and weddings.  Eyelash/ eyebrow tinting, eyelash extensions, reception duties, meeting greeting clients, keeping the salon clean and tidy. sales and guests on suitable products for there personal use. stock checks, reordering, cashing up. Maintaining a column on the shop floor working towards deadlines.

Headmasters Salon: 2013; Hairstylist colouring and cutting hair, sales, working towards targets, meeting customers requirements. Reception duties, meeting and greeting clients, advising customers on products suitable for their personal use. Stock takes and reordering, maintaining a column on the shop floor working within a time limit towards deadlines. 

Charles Fox Kryolan - March 2015-May 2016;  I joined The Kryolan team as I was finishing my Full time HND at University. Whilst working with Kryolan at Charles Fox Covent Garden I have taken part in many training exercises and been fortunate to learn and grow with the company as well as outside it. Charles Fox always supported and encouraged my freelance work enabling me to pursue work in media. During my time at Charles Fox I was able to take part in all work shops and receive first class training from some of the best artists in the industry. I attended several Kryolan workshops such as theatre makeup, body painting, beauty makeup, special effects and derma makeup coverage for problematic skin, skin disorders and disfigurements. The Derma education was huge for me. Learning and using my makeup skills to help others and change peoples lives through makeup was and is an incredible and indescribable feeling. I was also fortunate to work along side the Kryolan UK pro team on the event Judy Garland song Book at Wimbledon theatre and I have assisted Head Kryolan UK makeup artist Paul Merchant for the Kryolan Calendar Shoot 2016. I worked at the Kryolan store Charles Fox of Covent Garden Serving members of the public working with artists and consumers recommending products from special effects to body painting to derma coverage to beauty helping and advising people on products and there execution. I also travelled with the Kryolan team to exhibitions to sell products and represent the brand. I really enjoyed my time at Fox and being surrounded by professional creatives and working within such an inspiring company. 


NVQ2 Hairdressing, West Thames College 2007-2008; Covering basic hair dressing skills, blow drying, cutting, colouring, perming hair, theory of hairdressing, colour theory, hygiene and health and safety,

AVEDA Education, 2008-2011; Covering brand and product knowledge, Aveda colour theory, undertones, complimentary colours, neutralising colours, hairdressing skills and techniques. Theory of hair, hygiene and health and safety.

VCTC2 Cosmetic makeup, Hammersmith College 2010-2011; Covering daytime, evening and special occasion makeup, working with different skin types and different face shapes. Practising makeup application and building product knowledge by working with different brands, learning skin care for different skin types, undertones, complimentary colours, neutralising colours, bone structure. Eyelash application and tinting eyelashes. Eyebrow grooming. covering hygiene and health and safety also.

NOVALASH Eyelash Extension Training 2011; Covering brand knowledge, teaching the application of semi permanent eyelash extension’s, learning how to create rounder and more almond shaped eyes using different lash application techniques. Covering hygiene and health and safety also.

VCTC3 Makeup Artistry, Kingston College, 2011-2012; Researching the history of makeup, recreating period looks, application for daytime, evening and special occasion makeup. Application of Special effects makeup using grease paints, wax, and prosthetics, airbrush makeup and body painting. Covering skincare, skin types, face shapes, undertones, complimentary colours, neutralising colours, hygiene and health and safety. 

HeadmastersEducation, 2013; Covering brand and product knowledge, Hairdressing techniques. Loreal colour theory (undertones, complimentary colours, tones, neutralising colours) Hair up, styling, male grooming, face shapes, hygiene and health and safety.

Loreal Colour Training; Covering brand and product knowledge, Loreal colour theory, undertones, complimentary colours, neutralising colours, hairdressing skills and techniques. Theory of hair, hygiene and health and safety.

London Muse Makeup School, 2 weeks, advanced training, July 2014; Colour theory, brand and product knowledge, skincare, undertones, complimentary colours , face shapes, linea work, contouring, makeup application and techniques, HD makeup, beauty and fashion makeup. Master classes with Nicci Jackson, Sonia Beckford, Mark Bowles. Practising application for fashion and beauty looks on different skin types/tones.

HND Specialist Makeup, Foundation Degree, West Thames College, 2013- 2015
Covering history, researching art movements, iconic/ important figures, contextual studies, looking into wars and society and the impact it had on fashion, trends and style. Learning period hair/ makeup looks, fashion hair/ makeup, theatre makeup, business studies, body painting, airbrushing and special effects makeup. Life casting, prosthetics, wig application and knotting facial hair. Hygiene, health and safety. Learning about undertones, complimentary colours, neutralising colours, different products and practising on different face shapes and different hair/ skin types.


Biog; I am a self motivated individual with a passion for art and creativity. I am self efficient with a positive work ethic, Confident in both hair and makeup. I enjoy history, art, fashion and travel and I like to read and educate myself within my area’s of interest. References available upon request.